ability to set wpt/poi as found/visited

Started by the trekbuddies, May 14, 2013, 15:43:01

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the trekbuddies

I use the dfx script to import Munzees into locus could we have the ability to set these as found/visited (the same smiley face as used for geocaches would do or even better the munzee captured icon http://munzee.dfx.at/munzee.png) or the ability to set any other pois as found/visited


hmm don't know what to say :) it's quite crazy idea. At least part "ability to set any other pois as found/visited". Sorry, but this should be useful for one person from 1000. Much better should be support this https://getsatisfaction.com/locus/topic ... ate_munzee idea ...
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the trekbuddies

what is "crazy" about the idea? is it really crazy to mark any benchmark, waymark,munzee or any other poi you wish to visit as "visited/ found/ been there done that etc??? if you are saying only 1 in 1000 use the app for such activity what are the other 999 using it for ??? maybe a poll is needed to find out  what the users use it for????


today I tried Munzee by interest. I also imported Munzee data as two different gpx into Locus.
1. With normal waypoints (as you used) you can change the icon manually (at editing just click on the icon). Locus is able to use own made icon sets (see manual and documentation or https://getsatisfaction.com/locus/topic ... ort_of_gpx for how to do it). So this could be a way to set a smiley for a found Munzee.
2. With Munzee imported as Geocaches you could mark the Munzee as computed (in German: "berechnet") so the symbol gets a little red mark on top right.

Not the direct ways, but possible as workarrounds until more people request such feature (not me, I still prefer geocaching).

By the way: Have you seen this solution for getting the data (including the icons for Locus - see settings on page):
or plain without settings: http://munzee.dfx.at/

There ara also ways to go over GSAK (which is also supported by Locus). Some Information in German: http://www.geolemminge.de/2012/11/munze ... -reloaded/

As I have read, there is still no official api for munzee, so if it will come, someone could programm an addon for Locus.


the trekbuddies

@druki yes i use Richard's dfx script  to import with correct icons (not as normal waypoints)  as mentioned in my OP, at the moment when i capture i just hide (tools/hide) as this is quicker than changing the icon(tools/edit etc..)  
As for gsak i use the dfx script to import by type (one for each) you can then run FSG (with a custon langauge) for stats etc


Have played around with Locus Free, liked it enough that I got Pro, and have been enjoying Locus extensively...and I use it for geocaching (both geocaching.com AND opencaching.com) AND Munzee-hunting as I can use cached maps (not yet an option with Munzee, unfortunately)...

IMHO, probably the best solution would be possibly a dedicated addon for Locus (similar to the geocaching.com plugin that exists)--the big determiner, I think, would be actually getting an API from Munzee which as of yet doesn't exist (no idea how munzee.dfx.at is batching them save by scraping info--maybe it's just the whole scanning QR codes and virtuals and NFC codes that is the reason an official API isn't out there yet--probably wouldn't hurt an indie developer to ask, at any rate).

Until a dedicated addon happens (that allows live download and reporting), though, doing a Locus-friendly GPX at munzee.dfx.at and then importing (and marking Munzees hidden as they're found) works as a workaround for now.

the trekbuddies

no scraping is used The database of munzees is populated from the CSV file www.munzee.com/munzees.csv  then the API which does yet exist is used to call the captures for that username


I found http://munzeeclub.de/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=535 (German)
This is updated every hour (at some post they say 1 hour, at other sources they say every two hours).
But maybe enough to update the Munzees after hunting to see the captured ones. The url can carry some configuration values. Don't forget name=... to set your username!


The Munzees are spreading like a decease! If you download an off-line GPX file, it is OLD the very next hour!
The only use for Munzee GPX file is when you are abroad and don't have free network. But then the "visited" feature is not very useful. IMHO.