[UTIL] - converting OZFX maps for Locus

Started by Menion, March 07, 2011, 14:00:22

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  here already exist topic about this, here viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3.

Anyway ImageCutter is really old project, that I wrote few years ago for Locify project on which I was working (mapping application for old java phones). Actually I received two emails and some other info, that ImageCutter throw some OutOfMemory errors. Anyway I have not enough time and also taste, to improve this application. so ...

On code.google.com here http://code.google.com/p/locus-image-cutter/, is created project with complete source of ImageCutter. I released it is GPL3 project. If anyone at least little experienced with Java, want to use OZFX or another raster images and want to improve this tool, it will be welcome for many users. There is wide range to improve.

- fix problems with OutOfMemory
- improve whole GUI which is really terrible (best to be close to Locus application ;) )
- implement automatical conversion of ozfx maps to png thanks to ozfx2img tool (packed on code.google.com)
- and more and more
- Official help (ideas, questions, problems): help.locusmap.eu
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download