issue starting app - cannot create root directory

Started by thermactor, December 21, 2012, 05:46:29

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I have used the app before with good results.  But, after updating to Android 4 on my phone, I cannot start the app.  It says it cannot create root directory and that sd card is "probably missing". I never had to have an sd card before, and I put cartridges in the external_sdwhereyougo folder.  Now I see I do not have such a folder after the upgrade, and it will not allow me to create one.  Must I go and buy an sd card now that I have android 4?



  buy SD card because of Locus is quite funny. No for sure.

  The fact that Locus write this, is anyway quite weird. Locus at start check if exist SD card and if not, is use standard path for "external storage" as offer android itself. So on modern devices with internal memory, this what happen to you, should never happen.

  You're using original ROM (so you've got OTA update for you device) or you're using any alternative ROM?
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Hello Menion, thanks for the reply.  I got the update to Ice Cream Sandwich directly from AT&T using Samsung Kies updater that they provided to all users of this device.  My phone is original, not rooted or anything.