Bug in whereyougo app???

Started by aholzer, December 08, 2012, 21:41:12

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I have a problem with the whereyougo app. In some wherigos I had to answer questions. I have found two wherigos where I can´t answer this questions. If I type in the wrong answer, my smartphone notice it as a wrong answer, logical. But if I type in the right answer, my smartphone ignores it and crashes down with a bug advice. I´m not the only guy, who had the problem with this wherigos. Is this aknown bug?

Thanks acholzer


Hi, could be a problem with the cardridge in combination with Whereyougo. Did you contact the author of the cardridge?
Whereyougo is not developed by menion futhermore, but opensource (and untill now noone has done improvements as far as I know).