Where are my POI's?

Started by natepen, November 28, 2012, 18:41:58

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After starting up Locus today I noticed that there was an update to the app.  After trying to add a POI I noticed that none of my categories are there anymore along with hundreds of my POI's.  I tried to import them from the backups and I still do not see anything there.  Any ideas?



it seems, that the conversion of the data was not realized after update of the app.

Please, follow these steps:
1, manually backup whole directory Locus/data
2, re-install the app Locus
3, before conversion remove a new data, not old! (this option you will see on the dialog after run the app Locus)

It can help you. If not, please, send us your sqll data from Locus/data and we will converts your data.


That's was it!  They're all back now.  Thanks for your help.