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Started by MarcoCA, February 21, 2011, 19:30:35

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I've a cartridge that uses ZonePoint objects.
Older versions of OpenWig didn't support it, so the cartridge wasn't playable in openwig neither in whereyougo.
Matejick (thanks!) worked on it and i've made a few adjustments and it started to work on openwig since version 0.4.1.
Before I release this new version I would like to know if it is compatible with WhereYouGo, and since when.

Does latest versions of WhereYouGo use openwig 0.4.1 core? If Yes, since what version?




  as I can see, 0.4.1 is from november of last year, so yes, WhereYouGo use this version. From which version? Hmm who know .. this is not important, I believe all users update app after new update on market is available!
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Thanks for the information. What really matters is that already uses this version.
It's time to find beta testers that have an Android device.