Problems importing .zip file (Locus Pro 2.7.1)

Started by Rhintl, October 31, 2012, 20:00:34

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I have a .zip pocket query in my dropbox, containing two gpx files.
So far, I opened that file in dropbox, which calls Locus and imports it in a Locus-database of my choice.

Currently I fail:
After I choose a database to import in Locus and click <import>,
I get the fatal error message "Erstelle bitte mind. eine Kategorie" (somthing like "create at least one category"). But there are MANY categories!!

Nothing happens, and I cant import my data.
I have reinstalled Locus, fully cleaned the sd-card directory, etc. Nothing helped.

This error only happens on my Samsung Galaxy S Plus, not on my Motoroly Defy (both having installed their own Locus Pro 2.7.1 version)


This is problem of many people and will be fixed in next version anyway, background: Locus in last published version, do not know what is in zip file. How many tracks and points, so in import dialog ask for category for points, but also for category for tracks. Just scroll down a little bit and you'll see, that category for track is missing ...

in next version, Locus firstly extract and analyze zip file, and then offer this import dialog, where for PQ files will be required only points category
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1000 thanks for your quick response and your workaround, which solved it. As I will need Locus tomorrow, your support was very appreciated!