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Started by brouk, February 10, 2011, 07:24:14

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may be i do something wrong, but i try this:

1.add new route from right menu, just 4 points for testing, length about 800m last point by long click and choose "Guide On"
3.set settings -> guiding -> guiding sounds -> enabled
4.start walking from 1.point passing through point 2. and 3. to the last point.

the sounds beep every one or two seconds but will be more useful to beep only once
if passing through or near routing point.
because there i expect some route branch, crossing, intersection ...
and in settings should be some approach distance of route points

what do you think about this?

thank you


  no no, you're doing all well. This is just unofficial and not tested feature :) Beeping is currently for, for example geocaching hunt when you're navigated on one single target. navigation along path currently works but not perfectly I'm sure.

  I'll do something with this, and then we should discuss about it more ... (after some working basic will be published)
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i will wait for this  :mrgreen:
thank you.


Is it possoible to stop the guiding sound manually or stop the guiding when close to GZ?


Quote from: "brouk"the sounds beep every one or two seconds but will be more useful to beep only once if passing through or near routing point.
:?: Is this already possible or planned to implement?  It would really come in handy in the caches we did today.


Hi menion,

I often do Skitours and often i have a KML GPX with the route from the Inet. Your software is realy fantastic to find your way in the back country and also record your track with your own data like time speed ...

But i also have a idea / wish for guiding in this situation. You are walking and you do not have your device all the time in your hand. Normally you have it in your pocket.
Also you have i idea where to go so it is not necessary that the phone beep all the time this would be very  annoying when you do a 4 hour tour ;-)
So it would be very helpfull if one can set a Max Distance to track and if one exeed this distance and only than the device should beep. So you know when you are loosing your track and can look where to go. If you are in the Max distance to track everything is fine and nothing must beep. Because you have no exact track / way in the backcountry and everything is coverd with snow it would be very nice to set such a Max Distance to track. You must not exactly follow the track but you also do not want to loose it at all.

So if you want to develop further on guiding it would be very helpfull if such a feature would be implemented.
I think such a distance feature is allready there.
It would be fantastic if you can switch between "beep on come near" and "beep on loosing track".

Best regards and thank you very much