Custom online maps? (and some other stuff)

Started by cythraul, February 09, 2011, 15:58:06

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The release notes for 0.9.13 said something about being able to add custom online maps. Is this feature in yet/still, and how can I try it? I'm mainly interested in seeing if // and // can work with Locus...

Completely unrelated, but is it possible to turn off the "long press on map to search" feature? It opens accidentally all the time when I'm centering the map on a POI.

Also, can you make it display only one POI name when centered? Now Locus often considers multiple POI as centered (easily happens if you're not fully zoomed in and there are several POI near each other) and tries to display all their names on top of each other.

Finally, can the POI name go into two (or more) lines on the POI window? I mean the one that displays the coordinates and POI description, etc.