Tow small troubles and one wish

Started by forlax_12, July 26, 2012, 19:49:56

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1) The parameter Language doesn't work !
I change the language from French to English. I restart Locus and the texts are still in French !

2) After import a map with POI from the Map Manager and the Item tab, the POI icons are always in small size even if the parameter Icon Size is Big.

3) Is it possible to display the keyboard when adding a new point to change the default name.
Because if i seletect the name of the point, the key keybord is display, but the text is not selected, so if i want input a new name i must delete all char of the default name.


Locus Pro 2.52
HTC One S with ICS


1) please try to wait a few secs before you start Locus again after you change your language, it should work

2) ah yes, I know about it. This icon sizing is currently applied only on data already imported in categories. I'll try to fix it

3) did you tried this in last version? Check 2.5.3 where text should be already preselected. Maybe this will works fine for you now
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regarding 3)
in my case the text is preselected but i need to tap the textfield for the virtual keyborad to show up. when it shows up, the text is still preselected so i can simply clear the text by hitting backspace and enter a new text.
the trouble for me here is (but that might be unique to my special configuration eventually) that once the virtual keyboard shows up, i cannot reach the buttoons at the bottom by scrolling down and there is no 'hide keyboard'-key on my virtual keyboard.
i found a solution in my case by flipping out the hardware keyboard of my device which makes the virtual keyboard vanish but i wonder if others without a hardware keyboard ever stumbled over this?