Map download - which format?

Started by uatschitchun, February 08, 2011, 08:57:05

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Hi there .. got a question ...

I'm fairly new to Locus and really like it a lot ;)

Esp. downloading maps on my Android is a killer-feature! But ... what format is that downloaded map?
I have other apps, that are able to use maps, like Georg for geocaching, etc.. So I want to be able to have only 1 map on my device but share it among the mapping apps.
So, as Georg understands BigPlanet-SQL files, creating SQL-Maps with Locus could be of use ... but ... sadly it isn't ;(

If I try open the downloaded maps in Georg, I do get "Null tile pack" (or something similar).

What format are the downloaded maps? I searched the forum but couldn't find an answer.

I created a map with MobileAtlasCreator of Madeira in BigPlanetSQL and Locus seems to be able to handle it. Even RMaps and GeOrg are ... So, if Locus handles these files, why doesn't it save it the same way? Or is something wrong with map-download?

Regards Roman