[Theme] gzx (for common use; city traveling;sightseeing)

Started by gazoox, July 13, 2012, 18:24:47

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Inspired by the contour maps and themes: "Hiking V0.6" and  "Classic Map (google style)" I generated a good locking map more suitable for common use, city traveling and sight seeing. The contur line maps are still working.

In comparison to the mapsforge default theme, I like to have more information visible on each zoom level. The Hiking theme appeard to me best in its render "clarity" so this was my starting point.

Generated on my phone: 3,7inch screen size; 480x854

- Base theme is Hiking V0.6
- some pois appears earlier, others later
   earlier: parking, fast-food, bakery, sight-seeing objects, shopping centres,...
   later: hotel, post office, (everything not needed for sight seeing tours...)
- area names appears earlier like city, sub-orb, village, park, ...
- slight changes of font properties


If you like, make a publish in the locus shop.


Theme Update:

* Parking POI sign is smaller + some transparency
* improved highway singage
* highway color


Thanks for the update!

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Thank you for sharing.
But could you please have a look at German "Bundesstra├čen",  some are red other are yellow within your theme, but the signs are all yellow. I know, some are "Bundesstra├čen" tagged as "trunk"other as "primary" in Openstreetmap.
Regards J.