Shapes or polygons in Locus, SHP as input

Started by normis, June 25, 2012, 12:15:51

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I have a set of ESRI SHP files which contain shapes or polygons (some areas, like forest for example). They have names on top of them. The final objective is to put these shapes on top of a Topographical map, in any sort of Android program wich GPS support (and map support).

I chose Locus, because I like it the best.

I have found that I can convert SHP to KML, but Locus treats  them as Tracks (with start and end point, as lines). I would prefer closed polygons with names, not Track type. Is there any solution? Maybe another approach or format?

Maybe I could merge the SHP files on top of some kind of map in the PC, and then import the map into Locus? I have no idea how to do that and where to start.

Maybe using Osmosis and Mapwriter I could combine the SHP as some kind of part of the map? Other ideas?


Maybe I could convert that SHP to OSM and then combine the resulting OSM file to the country OSM file, and use in Vector maps of Locus?


I have no experience with this, but if you're able to convert SHP to OSM, then there should be no problem. Is there a way to convert SHP to OSM? I'm also curious if this is possible

anyway quick search revel that many programs works with SHP files, so there will for sure be any way
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well yes and no, converting SHP to OSM is possible (even by simply opening in JOSM via the OpenData plugin, and saving to OSM) but it turns out, OSMOSIS only likes OSM files saved from a OSM server (because they have certain tags in them, and conform to OSM API standard 0.6, but JOSM can't save them that way). So I'm stuck again.