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Started by dimmel, June 24, 2012, 12:11:33

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I am using these vector maps here which work great: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2066
One thing I am interested in are drinking water locations for outdoor activities. Christian's template already includes the "drinking_water" amenity. But there are also other sources for drinking water: "natural"+"spring" and "amenity"+"fountain". These can have the attribute "drinking_water" as well.

Is it possible to show only "springs" and fountains which have the attribute "drinking_water"?
The xml code for a spring looks like this at the moment:
<rule e="node" k="natural" v="spring" zoom-min="14" zoom-max="20">
 <symbol src="file:/symbols/spring_32.png" />



Can you post one or two examples as screenshots and the coordinates of a spring which should be shown and which not. I can try to figure it out.
Regards J.


Some more research revealed that it is not possible to filter by attribute as I need it because only "|" (concat) is supported:

But I can show all drinking water POIs using this:
<rule e="node" k="drinking_water" v="yes" zoom-min="14" zoom-max="20">

Better would be support for an "AND" operator (not working) [1]:

<rule e="node" k="natural" v="spring" zoom-min="14" zoom-max="20">
  <rule e="node" k="drinking_water" v="yes" zoom-min="14" zoom-max="20" />

I will file this as a feature request to mapsforge people.

[1] ... .3Crule.3E