[Q] Guiding, how does it work

Started by wvb, June 16, 2012, 21:09:35

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I really like the fact that I can record a route and let Locus guide me over it afterwards.
I'm interested in the "Notify when too far away from track" and am curious what it uses as reference.
Does it use the actual points of the gpx or does it look at the line created between the points.

Also, I don't really understand what the use of "Wapoints - Notify on distance" could be.

I checked the docu but it didn't contain a lot of info regarding this.
thanks in advance for any info!



Ok wvb
I use guiding a lot when I'm sailing.

There are 2 main function:
1. Guiding to a single Waipoint (POI, point)
2. Guiding over a Route (Track)

So if you guiding to a single Waipoint you can let Locus tell you when you get closer to that specific Waipoint. You just activate the function "Notify on distance", and then it's up to you to specify how far away from the Waipoint Locus start to beep or play a sound.

Guiding over a Route (Track) I use a lot.
I use to activate "Notify when switching to another point" then I know when I'm close a specific point in the Route.
The other option "Notify when to far away from track" tells you if you are to far away from the line between to points. Unfortunately you don't know if you are to far to the left or to the right, BUT hopefully Menion fix that ;-)
(If you look in the get satisfaction forum you can vote for it!). ;-)

From my Sg2


Hi zailor,

thanks for the reply!
It was because of the topic I saw on Get Satisfaction I started to have another look at this to understand exactly how it works and what could be improved for my future needs :)
I would like to use it for bicycle and walking trips, these will be with a gpx file with the exact route (curves and all) or points on big curves and turns.

So if I understand you correct, the  "Notify when to far away from track" looks at the line instead of the points in the gpx that create the line?

I still don't fully understand the use for "Notify when switching to another point", do you use it in a gpx with only trackpoints or did you enter specific waypoints like points where you take a break?
I'm thinking of how "Notify when switching to another point" could be of use when riding a bike or walking but can't seem to find it :)
Perhaps it serves a whole different purpose.