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Started by gynta, June 15, 2012, 23:02:20

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A few days ago I received a message. So forward:

Quotejust noticed a bug , after the recent live tracking update, i had to re enter the configuration as it had been lost
live tracking wouldnt start, however after disabling the notification option it worked fine
Just in case someone asks you.

j fyi


Hi, i would like to give it a try)



Hi, may I have access to live tracking?

Nick: Lupastro



thanks for the service + idea.

May I have an account? Nickname: Fuchs

Thanks again :-)


Hey, I would like to give it a try :)
Nick: Ebisef


Hello Gynta

Many thanks for this fantastic live tracking.
It is fast (no need to wait a long time between the start of live tracking in Locus) compared to GPSies.
It allows to display satellite imagery (which is not the case with Locus live tracking and GPSies).

A feature that I have been unable to figure out is how to display the latitude and longitude.
On the c-me web page map, the position shows date, time, elevation and comment (I have attached a screen dump).
The only way I have found to get position coordinates  is to download the KML track file and open it to read the coordinates.
As the map doesn't seem to display the coodinate grid, I have not been able to find an easier way to know the coordinates of the displayed position.
It is highly possible that I am an idiot and cannot figure out how to display the coordinates.

But if this is not the case, will it be possible for a future implementation to display the coordinates when pointing to the position icon ?

This will be very useful in the following case:
The locus user is considered by the user follower as injured (the follower has no news, the user has not arrived to destination, etc...)
The user-follower (wife, son, friend...) is able to use the c-me web site and see the last known user position on the map.
The map doesn't really give a clear and obvious hint about the user coordinates (for example, the user is on an area with little markers like large water body or a vast snow plain).
The user-follower wants to give the last known user position coordinates to rescue services, but the user-follower is not very computer literate (he will not realize that he can download the track and open it), although he understands geographical coordinates.
If the user-follower had a displayed grid on the map, or if the latitude and longitude were displayed together with the rest of information, he will then be able to give the latitude and longitude of the last user position to the rescue services without having to rely on any other computer skill.

Thanks and regards




Please send me a login. thanks!


would you mind sending me an access password for testing (rolf)
Thanks and regards, Rolf


Quote from: jkatc on March 06, 2017, 10:00:22
Please send me a login. thanks!

Quote from: rolfh on March 13, 2017, 10:48:29
would you mind sending me an access password for testing (rolf)
Thanks and regards, Rolf



Hi gynta,

könntest du mir bitte Login Daten für c-me live tracking zusenden?

Vielen Dank
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dear gynta,

i'd love to try c-me and would therefore like to ask you if you could pleas provide me with an account on your system.
as I remain unsure about the minimal length of a nickname i'd prefer 'ax' but if its too short would also go for 'ntplx'.
many thanks in advance!


Hello gynta,

can you provide me an account for c-me please. I would prefer as Nickname HH, HHa or similar.



I want to share my location with others (people without login), is that possible? GPSies is a bit clunky IMO, Locus tracking... is OK... ish.
Optimal solution as for privacy would be an unlisted solution with a key. So that I can give an URL like http:/server.com/?trackingid=1234&sectoken=873264837642
This does not work with GPSies in Livetracking mode... Security tokens only work with normal tracks there.

Best convenience for the recipient of the tracker URL, that's what I wish.

Someone recommended me Real Time Tracker on Google Play Store. That app wants to have access on nearly any aspect of Android. No thanks.
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Quote from: tapio on April 23, 2017, 16:54:17
I want to share my location with others (people without login), is that possible?




@gytna: hello again! been checking out live-tracking with your service and so far like it pretty much, so thanks again for providing all this for free!

i've also come across some ideas on additional features that might be helpful to some (including me ;)) plus possibly easy to implement that i'd like to discuss/share. please forgive me if such feature is already available and was not seen/understood correctly by me.
while using live tracking I found it at times hard to distinguish newer tracks/positions from older ones that might still be present in the database and are located in the same area that the current tracking is taking place.

* to mitigate this, a rather simple approach could be to be able to individually configure the default number of positions drawn which would be applied automatically when the guest-link is openend by a user/guest.‎

* some more advanced approach: fading/coloring between sections depending on age of the segment. e.g. use of transparency for say 15-minute intervals so the segments within the last 15min are fully opaque while the oldest ones (e.g. older than 4 hours) are displayed in 20% transparency or use a darker color.

* another approach which probably needs more effort to implement could be to define some sort of timeout (say 1,2,4,8,16 hours) after which old datapoints are not shown as connected to newer ones and are styled in a different color.

for now, to minimize visual confusion on the map I need to manually login to my account and clear all my database entries which works for my usecase but is far from ideal IMHO.

what do you (or others interested in such functionality) think about my idea so far?

have a nice weekend everyone,
cheers!  8)