Adding Vector Maps does not work in PRO version?

Started by go4java, June 02, 2012, 13:58:28

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I'm running the PRO version of Locus, 2.4.0.
I've been downloading vector maps (MapsForge) from, e.g.
According to your instructions, I've been copying this file to Memory Stick/external_sd/locus/maps (with MyPhoneExplorer).
Reboot of smartphone.
Now I would expect the new vector map to be visible under folder "Personal" or "Vector", but no map appears???
I further tried to add a directory (with "+"), but when I select the checkbox at "/maps" and choose with YES, there is the message "process not successful".
Don't understand why this doesn't work in the PRO/paid version? Pls. advise asap.


Try to copy or move the files to ..Locus/mapsVector. If "mapsVector" doesn´t exist, create it.
Regards J.


Thanks, this worked for me