POI Duplicate Cleanup

Started by Zaliek, February 01, 2011, 19:17:56

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I'm loving your app so far. I've been looking for an app that works as well as this does.

I need a way to de-duplicate points upon import or a tool to use after import. When I generate geocache lists I often get duplicates that are already stored in Locus.

Additionally an option to delete a POI in the edit menu from the map would be great.

Thanks for the great app, I'd most certainly purchase if I could!

EDIT: Removed comment about map zoom, I'm a dummy and didn't read the manual!


this is done since I think 0.9.10 version. During import, you'll be asked if overwrite same points or not ...
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I gave this a try today and it works great! It matches by name but it might be good to have the option to match by coordinates too. Another possibility is to match by coordinates first, then match any duplicates by name.