upload to gobreadcrumbs not working

Started by huins, May 18, 2012, 11:09:41

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Hello, upload to breadcrumbs give still the message create a bundle!!
My login is okè and i have create a bundle on my breadcrumbs webpage.
what i'm doing wrong?

Best Regards, Ronald

Edit: strange!! now i'm at home with wifi coverage, I can upload my trips now?  Is this correct?


Hello Ronald,

it could be any problem on the gobreadcrumbs server at the time.
In every way, we are glad, that now is it fine.

Kind regards


After install the latest version, It is still NOT possible for me to view the waether on my location and upload my trips to Breadcrumbs (No bundle, create one???) in 3G area :(  
When Upload to GPSies it is working good!!!!! :idea:
When I'm at home or in WiFi coverage, then i have no problems... :idea:

Strange...That it's seems only happens to my phone?: (Samsung Galaxy S Plus) even after a complete restore (Factory Reset) off my phone..

Best Regards,