Organizing tracks and waypoints

Started by bintang, May 15, 2012, 11:34:15

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Just registered at this forum and this is my first post so let me introduce myself:

I travel a lot and have been using Garmin gps-devices since 2005, but about a year ago I switched to Locus Pro on my Samsung Galaxy S Plus with external gps-antenna QStarz BT-Q1000XT. Love the app very much and my Garmin device has been gathering dust since then. I really fail to see why anybody would still use a dedicated gps-device so sell your Garmin-shares now :-)

The only problem I have, is organizing my tracks. The question seems obvious to me, and I'm sorry if it has been asked before, but I searched the forum and couldn't find the answer, so here it is:

On my Garmin I could easily organize my data (and had to do so because of the lack of memory in the device) because waypoints and tracks were all stored in one single file. So when I travelled to e.g. Germany I would clear the memory of my device and import the file Germany.gdb. After travelling around there and recording some more waypoints and tracks, I would export all data, clear the device's memory and import e.g. the file France.gdb.

As far as I see there is no way to work like that in Locus Pro. I can create different categories, and in that way I can import and export e.g. German waypoints in a single file. Each track however is always exported in a single file so for one country I have to select dozens of files when importing and exporting. What makes things worse, is that I cannot categorize tracks. When importing a track, Locus Pro asks me to select a category, but in the Data Manager all tracks show up together under the Tracks button, so I have to scroll through hundreds of tracks from different countries to find the one I'm looking for.
Do I miss something?


  welcome to Locus forum ;)

 - if I understand correctly, Locus with tracks part, works in very similar way as Garmin. Locus do not have anything like "categories" for tracks so you don't miss anything. All tracks are stored in one "category". In one place data/dbtracks.sqll file on your card. You may work with them as with your Garming devices. For example Backup manager allow to you backup and restore just this tracks database file with quite a fast way.

 - question on categories is for points. Files you're importing should contain also points next to tracks, so I ask for points category in case it will be needed
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Thanks for your quick response. Using the backup function indeed gives me more or less the functionality I'm looking for. I hadn't thought of that possibility so far.

A problem however is that in this way all track information is stored into a zip-file in some format that cannot easily be addressed. I would prefer my tracks in a .gpx file so that I can open and edit them in for example notepad++.

For me it would be perfect if Locus would offer me the possibility to export waypoints and tracks together in one .gpx file. Imho that functionality could be added in the Export data menu. After selecting Points and choosing a category I would like an extra checkbox under Various saying: 'include all tracks'. The complete tracks database would be fine. No need to make a selection here.

I would be very thankful if you could add that functionality in a future release.


Btw, I think I noticed a bug.
After restoring a backup, the application still shows the old amounts of points in the screen 'Choose category' (after clicking: Data Manager / Points).
When I choose a category, it does show all points however. Only the amount shown is not correct.