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Old map overlay?

Started by natepen, May 15, 2012, 06:39:51

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Hello, Along with Geocaching I'm an avid metal detectorist.  One wish that I have is the ability to view the old plot maps or any old map that may have homesteads that are no longer there.  Any thoughts or comments on this one?


Hello Nate,
  unfortunately all maps that was removed from locus, was removed because map providers do not allow to add them for free in such application. With some map providers we're trying to communicate but not much success yet. So sorry, but rather don't expect that any from previously removed maps will be added back. If you're little bit skilled, you may try to add some maps on your own, description is here ... nline_maps , but method is not so simple, count with it.
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Hmm, if you already own some ancient paper maps, you could scan them and import them into Locus using the map calibration tool...
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Quote from: "natepen"...any old map that may have homesteads that are no longer there....