White oceans with latest vector update

Started by zsero, May 12, 2012, 05:19:20

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I've always been having various problems with the rendering of the oceans / seas. Many times, Locus stopped rendering them. Sometimes by rectangles, sometimes by some crazy polygons.

However after the newest update, all the oceans /seas are just white / transparent. The strange thing is that lakes are perfectly visible in nice blue! It's somehow just the oceans what are not visible.

I've tried every possible theme, but the result is the same. All oceans white / transparent. I'm on the UK/Scotland map, but I think it's general.


Hi zsero,
this is a well known issue. Locus uses a library mapsforge for displaying of vector maps and this problem is listed there for the version 0.3.0.
Locus can't do anything here.


OK, I see. I just wanted to report, maybe it was specific to my device.


thanks Tommi! Fortunately since yesterday, this issue is marked as "Started" so I hope it will soon be solved.
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