[Theme] osmarender + terrain contours rules

Started by jurajs, April 26, 2012, 00:04:13

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this theme is same as original osmarender theme... with added rules needed to display terrain contour lines. can be used with any regular vector map, but was mainly created to work with special vector maps which contains also terrain contours.

- extract "osmarender_terrain.zip" into ".../Locus/mapsVector/_themes/"
- activate theme in locus in "Settings / Map - advanced / Theme of the maps"

maps and guide available here:

@menion - feel free to publish in locus shop


osmarender_terrain v0.2

version 2
- lines are more "brownish"
- used opacity to achieve smoother image on bright or white areas
- also darker lines on pattern-filled areas for better recognition
- i like it more ;-)


I just wanted to publish your theme into Locus shop but then I realized that this will be very confusing for majority of users, because they'll expect that this theme enable contour lines with maps they already have. So till maps downloadable by Locus will not be with contours, it's not a good idea to put this theme to Locus Shop
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Hi there,

This is Enrique from Spain. Amazing piece of work from the pictures I see. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I cannot install the theme. I downloaded the osmarender theme and a map from the other thread (Spain+Portugal). I unzipped and installed in the theme folder, but when I go to Locus and I try changing the settings (Settings>Map Advanced>Themes) I select osmarender in the window that appears... but Locus keeps the "default". Any hints on what I might be doing wrong?

I am on a Motorola Defy with Jelly Bean installed (4.1.1) and the current version of Locus (2.6.1). Not sure if this might have anything to do with the problem, but the default language is Spanish (just in case).

Thanks so much for your work and for the help!!!


Hi Enrique, welcome to the forum.
Maybe you did it wrong. Please check the folder hierarchy:

Maybe there's two levels of osmarender_terrain folder on your phone?