[Theme] Jusc´s first attempt with rendering theme

Started by jusc, April 02, 2012, 08:17:28

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I just played a bit with the render theme. This theme is a little more pale then the osmarender style. If you want you may test it.
Please copy the zip file to your /Locus/mapsVector/_themes and unzip it.

I changed some colors and patterns.

( Attention: It´s the same as in this topic viewtopic.php?f=40&t=1749  I hope it´s placed correctly here now  :?: )[attachment=1:2jxj4c8k]SC20120402-080224_2.png[/attachment:2jxj4c8k]

All suggestions are welcome
Regards J.


My update if you want.
I changed the motorway color again, color of buildings to dark grey color of militairy zones to "pink"
 made tracks, footways, cycleways more visible.

Klick on the picture for a better preview.
Small update for cycleways
Regards J.


nice work
I like the old presentation of motorways and this shade of green.

Compared with the Original:


Hello Jusc,

I use your render theme, that mimics Open Cycle Map.
At first, I'd like to express my "thanks a lot", "schönen Dank" and "большое спасибо"

Is it possible, to display in this theme the official bike routes too. I mean for eg. Berlin-Kopenhagen Radweg, Elbe-Radweg, Brandenbourg Tour and so on?



Sorry, for the delay.
Did you try to install the volatile_for_cycleroutes theme from the Locus shop?
Regards J.


thanks a lot for your advice.

things are so easy...