[Theme] Original mapsforge osmarender theme - editable

Started by tommi, April 01, 2012, 13:00:30

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I already posted this theme few days ago somewhere else in this forum but now we have a common place for vector map themes.
So here we go.
This theme is the same as the built-in osmarender theme, the only thing I changed is the reference to file names as this had to be adapted to Locus.

Take it as a basis for own creations.

Some hints if you want to change the theme:
- User defined renderstyles are only possible with Locus >= 2.2.0 (respectively mapsforge >=0.3.0 and vectormaps for this version)
- Make a copy of the complete original theme (o.k., you don't need to if you don't like backups)
- Rendering rules can be modified in "osmarender orgmapsforge.xml". This file needs to have unix style (only newlines, no combination of carriage return and newline!)
- Patterns and symbols can be added/changed in subfolders ./patterns and ./symbols
- Be careful: if edited on PC and transferred to phone there are circumstances that Locus (like other apps) still sees the previous version of the file. In this case delete the file in the target prior to copy the updated version.

@Menion: Feel free to add this to Locus shop. Additional info for the shop I sent yesterday evening in PM.

@All: Have fun


Now available from Locus shop.
Thanks to Menion.

Stay tuned, with the next round of vector maps creation hamlet names will be added to the mapfiles and rendering of them will be added to this theme.