more than one vector card active

Started by oskar69, January 23, 2012, 22:32:54

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Hello i am new with this software (and Android) and have the following question.

I use  since last weekend Locus Pro with addon Vector Maps and have the follwing issue.

I have downloaded several maps from France and Germany -(about 5 GB)  and everythink is working fine. But i can have only one card active at a time.

That is my Problem, we are traveling a lot of time to france and with our mobile home im am not sure every time in what destrict we are. So it is not easy to load the right map.
Do other have the same issue?

Is it possible to download a complete map for france like you have for Spain or Italy?
or enable all maps for france at the same time?
Or do you have a automatic enabling funktion for the right card, corossponding to the gps data?

for your help



this is a known issue. Almost every feature, that has to do with vector maps (even the maps theirself) had been made with the library from mapsforge. Read more here: ... 20Modified

About creating your own maps with the regions you want, follow this wiki: ... terOsmosis

Cheers, berkley
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