Use the app without SD-card?

Started by Schlauchen, January 19, 2011, 21:47:38

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since yesterday, I have a Nexus S, a phone without a SD card.
The WhereYouGo app keeps telling me

"No wherigo cartridge available. Add cartridge file (*.gwc) into /mnt/sdcard/whereYouGou/directory and start WhereyouGo again!"

As I don't have a SD-card, I wanted to save it somewhere on the phone (there's a file WhereYouGo -> cache -> map), but wherever I save the *.gwc file, it doesn't find it and displays the message posted above.

Can anyone help me, or do I have to wait for an update?

Thanks in advance!



 when you have WhereYouGo directory in your internal memory, that seems that all works fine. So probably you have wrong downloaded cartridge. Did you read first point in FAQ here? Try to download cartridge with desktop browser!
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Doing some testing, I found the solution and write it here in case someone else has the same question:

Connect the device via USB to the PC (ok, that's obvious) and open the file directory.
You'll see (for example) : D:WhereYouGo , but in fact it's C:m...sdcardWhereYouGo.

The programme asks you to save the .gwc-files in WhereYouGoDirectory, but it won't find the files if you create a new file named "directory". Just download the gwc into the WhereYouGo file and it'll work.