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Started by joeloc, January 04, 2012, 17:42:19

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Does google earth on android support ground overlays? If it does, the following could be very useful: offer a function: show in googleearth.

What it does: snapshot the currently visible portion of the map to a png file. Create a kml ground overlay parameters for this. Add all currently visible tracks and points too. Call googleearth with that kml.

Result: perfect 3d overview of the current situation in the best 3d-world that android will evr have.


google earth :?: wtf is google?  :twisted:


Nice idea... though the only thing google earth can do, is 3-dimensional display of google maps and some given overlays. google earth can't even connect to your google account and grab your maps and points from there...

Conclusion: Google Earth is on of the worst mapping apps on the market!
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Its not supposed to be a mapping app. Just a quick 3d visual of the current locus screen. A function like this is quite useful even on the desktop (ttvq offers that eg).

However, as it seems, earth mobile cant even load kml files?! Google completely sucks for this.


Even if the android's google earth is unable to read overlay, it would be brilliant to generate this overlay for desktop application.

It would be cool to instead of just exporting plain screenshot, export georeferenced GeoTiff or KML file!