More infos by sending a waypoint via SMS

Started by spukis, January 04, 2012, 08:51:51

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Hi menion,
a few days ago I was sending a waypoint (and geocache) via SMS to a friend who wants to meet us there, but in the SMS the coordinates wasn't as text present, only a link to!
Unfortunately my friend has only a old handy and so he wasn't able to get the coordinates to type them in his GPS...
My wish is now: Is it possible to add the coordinates as text additionally to the link which is sent?
This would really be helpfull!

Thanks a lot... spukis


From "functions" one can choose to share either (1) map centre or (2) screenshot.
If you you choose option 1, you can insert several options i.e maphash (link), location as text, altitude etc and send them to SMS, mail etc etc

Edit: highlighted the option you were specifically looking for


Perfect ! Thanks a lot... thats for what i am looking for!