offline use of topograhical maps like in apemaps

Started by radlerengel, January 03, 2012, 21:33:26

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I like your app very much for MTB and hiking. Since last year when I started using locus, possibilities of downloading maps dissapear more and more (what as I understood, is not your fault, of course!). As I could not find a good topographical map containing height information for offline use I looked for other applications (sorry :-)) and found apemaps, where I can download some type of map which looks like a scanned topographical map and provides all information like paper maps for hiking do.(hiking paths..)
Map is called or Could you provide a possibility to use these maps in locus pro? locus is much better than apemap and I don't want to change.
Also it would be good if one could import topographical cards from KOMPASS or DAV (even if one has to buy these cards, just like in apemaps)



why don't you have a look at the map tweak? ;)

Search before posting!!!
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You can use kompass maps in locus already. It involves a shady tool called "OziMapTrans" to convert kompass to tiff and then the demo version of ttqv to convert the tiff to rmap. Locus can read rmap.

If all that sounds complex and crappy to you, it is. The mapping companies do not want you to use their data outside their own applications, even if you bought it and own the dvds.


thanks for your answers. berkley,what do you mean by "map tweak?".
I know there may be more or less complicated tools to convert maps. But as this is rather difficult I was very happy to find the uncomplicated way of opening a good topographical card as it is in apemap. So I wish that I could use this card (net.deutschland / net.oesterreich) in locus. These maps seem to be free.


if there are any maps that have license that allow use them at least for online view for free ... tell me :) (or better write me page with map and terms of use)
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Hi mennion,
I don't know where this map used in apemaps comes from. In apemap it is called net.oesterreich and net.deutschland. After installing apemap from market, you can choose Karte => net...., then apemap installs a directory on sd-card with files .npg. I don't know which type of map this is. I think the easyiest way for you would be to install apemaps on your handy and look at it yourself.
best regards


Hi radlerengel

I started with apemap and came via oruxmaps finally to locus and when I see your nick I suppose you use Kompass-Maps for biking. Me too. Therefore is no real alternative especially because of the contour lines in the alps for example. I own a lot of kompass maps and tried also to transfer them to locus. It hard but it is possible - joeloc gave you the right hint. The "*.net"-maps in my opinion are maps from the German "Landesvermessungs√§mtern" also known as TOP50. The data are the same and I don't think thats it is possible to use this source without paying for it. Apemap sells the Kompass-Maps which are based on the offical "*.net" maps. But this is only my opinion, I don't know exactly. I hope that the digital rights of the Kompass-maps or the Top50-maps are removed in the future because it's terrible: I own a map and cannot use it on  my preferred software. In addition TOP50 maps are cerated with or taxes and should be free.