WhereYouGo crashes with offline maps

Started by johny265, January 03, 2012, 17:16:00

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Hi Menion, I've installed the latest available WhereYouGo version from the Android market to my HTC Desire and wanted to test the offline maps functionality. Unfortunately, when I tap the Offline maps icon, the application crashes. Online maps work fine as well as Vector icon does (although I get an alert that I don┬Ęt have any maps saved in the designated place). I've tried to reinstall the app, but it didn't help. I have some offline sqlite maps saved on the SD card for my Locus Pro and as far as I could understand, this should be compatible. Or am I missing something somewhere? Thanks for your help! Johny265


Hi Menion,
I have the same problem. I have Locus Pro and using offline maps. My phone is Desire S with original ROM.


Hi Menion,
the same problem here, I also use Locus Pro. My Phone is a Defy+.
any Idea ???

Thanks for help


I know guys, sorry ... no time for WhereYouGo, as usually. I hope that during March, I'll find free day to fix some bugs that I have already reported
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