Google Maps and Locus implementation

Started by libs, December 24, 2011, 20:09:15

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Its hard for me to explain this without writing a book - but Ive been deeply interested in Google Maps ever since... and Ive learned that they can be extremely frustrating in terms of changing things, not really communicating with the user base whats goingon or whats coming down the pike.  The Google mantra is... we build it in-house but we dont really care about informing the public about our stuff.  Its up to us, the public, to find the intricacies of each implementation.  Google uses us as "beta testers" or rather, dogfooders for their own projects.. often putting out half-baked ideas and then perfecting them with our involvement.  That said -- enter Locus -- I know you can tie the two in using MyTracks - but then again MyTracks has changed a LOT lately.  I used to use mytracks for mileage measurement for work, everytime a track would conclude it was automatically exported to my Google Documents as a spreadsheet.  That made for mindless and hands free non-frustration when it came time to submit expense reports to the bookkeeper!!  That changed...  then you bring in Latitude.. and Latitude, while obviously useful, is also used for the wrong things -- people tracking each other and for purposes other than true sightseering -- Its hard to believe but I have seen Latitude be invoked in a few ugly Divorce and Separation court cases.. where spouses used Latitude as a tool of abuse of power over the other... big brother stuff.  Then Google kind of just let Places go on its own and recently when Google+ was launched, that was the apex of the great Google Consolidation where all their services and products start to come under one cloud and eventually everything will basically be anchored by Google Plus.....  Now, notice that Google bought Zagat recently.. and the out of the blue purchase of ITA Software leads to the Google expansion into the atmosphere with Flights...  you guys see where I am going with this?  Not to sound Orwellian but in ten years we will see a complete encumbrance by Google products and services be used for just about everything that has to do with a map.  But thats not the point....

Now... I just hhave this WISHLIST to know from Menion what he knows and his experiences with Google products -- hes done so well at working with the other features in other areas, but I want to know what function Locus will have with Google, as I see Locus as an EXTREMELY advanced product that Google Maps is nowhere near... so... im almost expecting Mr. Brin and Mr. Page to basically make Menion a very rich man and take rights to Locus and then implement it further....  Am I starting to sound like a nutcase?  I hope so!  

My big point is...  I wish Google Maps was more like Locus.  I dont care about where the nearest restaurant is... i dont care about attractions... I care about where I have been and where I am going next...  To be able to see a map at the end of ones long life and see their tracks everywhere has got to be intriguing!

Ill stop here... but is Locus getting all they need from Google? Does Menion have to constantly work around the everchanging API strructure of Google?  Ive thought there was no better map than Google Maps, but now I believe Locus has taken that to a whole new level.
I make my living proving locus in terms of real property as a title examiner for a conveyancing law firm in Boston.... and I am finding myself playing with Locus in my free time as well!


Beautiful thoughts:)