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Started by inlinewout, January 17, 2011, 18:13:21

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Hello Menion,

Would it be possible to have a customised version of wheryougo?
What I am thinking of is:
- whitelabel (our own logo instead of whereyougo)
- connectivity to a mysql database to write the score of a team each time the variable for the score in a cardridge is changed.
- an option to read the scores from the same database from multiple players.

We play wherigo with more than one team at the same time and would like to add some competition.
Of course this would be a paid job. Please contact me directly for details if you think this is feasable.


  very interesting offer, but as I wrote few times before, WhereYouGo is created with OpenWIG library. It's the core of this application. I created just the GUI, maps and stuff around but handling with gwc files isn't in my power. Problem is that I don't know LUA language and that is also reason why my response here on forum on WhereYouGo problems, are much satisfactory!

  anyway, OpenWIG still contain few bugs which aren't fixed yet. Please try to contact author of OpenWIG if he will have time and taste to work on this. If he will agree, I should also. Only problem should be for me a time. Currently I'm fully working on SmartMaps voice navigation and Locus so WhereYouGo facelifting will come later (march I expect). Until that I'll not have any time ...
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- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
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Thanks for the reply!

I contacted Matjcik last week, but no answer so far... Let's wait and see.