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Started by Rob, December 07, 2011, 15:35:50

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Hi, not really a question about Locus but about the Forum itself:

is there anywhere a setting to display the newest/recent posts first within a Topic?
I always have to jump to last page, scroll down.... it´s awsome...

I know the "view new posts"  but still after opening one topic I have to scroll......

Thx for any idea...

I like this Forum .... :-)


EDIT: I found it myself.... in the UserControl Panel.... Board Preferences - Display Options.....

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Just before the title of the post, there is a small brown/orange square. Click on it and it'll take you to the newest unread post.


Hi stebu,
thx,  but I found a different reason: I used two different links/from 2 notebooks - one with auto-login   one without.  And when ..without - the sorting is different than when logged in...
I almost got crazy before finding this issue...

Nevertheless it´s logical now... Puh, ... mostly  the error sits between keyboard and the screen    :D

nice evening