Adding 'Waypoint next' to guiding top panel

Started by beonun, November 29, 2011, 00:34:05

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Quote from: "menion"oki, so I created this .. fine?


Dear Menion

Could you add  'waypoint next' to top panel ?
I have tested 'improved guiding top panel'
I can view 'Distance to next waypoint', but I can not know clearly which waypoint is the next.
Sometimes I have confused which waypoint is the next and whether Locus is operated properly or not.
If the 'Waypoint next' is added, and I select ' Waypoint next' on left top, 'Distance to next' on right top , I could see easily what I want to see.

Always Thanks!


Dear Menion

Do you have any reason not to feed back about this ?
I think this is very useful and is actually included in Garmin Oregon series. ... ation.html
I use this function on climbing and mountain biking.

I want to know your opinion about this.
I would be sorry if you did not see this post.

Disappointed wih u.


  no reason for missing feedback. Just too much work on other things .. I'll look at it, later ...
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