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Started by Rob, November 22, 2011, 09:03:06

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Hi menion,
tonight I had a great idea for improvement of Locus, which I want to share with you:
I would really appreciate to have a "track review mode".
So, if you have done a track with some photoPOIs plus a description of POIs and track it would be very nice, if you can show them in a convenient way.

That means: if you move the cursor to the 1. PhotoPOI automatically the corresponding Photo will pop up in almost full view with a status/menubar on top showing:

==name of photo  /  elevation of POI   ==         [previous slide] [next slide] -- [previous POI] [next POI] --  [to Details] -- [back to track/map]

where [to Details]  the known screen with Details and Diagramm means.  Previous and next slide are active only when more than 1 photo was taken at same POI. All other buttons are selfexplaining I guess.
For now if you want to present your track and Photos of this track its circumstantially: Move to point - tap on point - tap on photo - close pictureviewer - close popup - move to next point..... start same procdure.

And the cherry of the cake would be if you have the Photos Fullview (with the above bar) and overlapped the map with the track small in a corner - customable in size and which corner - not necessary to switch back to map to see at which point Photo was taken.

I hope it was not just a dream and you will find it usefull to realize.

thanks in advance for thinking about



Seems I'm the only user with this "cracy" wish - it's a pitty :-(
But OK there are a lot of other issues first. Maybe one time if other users will present their tracks on a Tablett in a very convenient way, this wish will popup again :-).
Nevertheless LOCUS is best navi-app ever!


hi Rob,
  unfortunately seems so ...

  I personally do not see much benefit from this feature, really ... sorry
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