Multi-segment tared maps

Started by krzysiekz, November 21, 2011, 13:02:24

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I've got map covering area 20km around my town. Map is divided to 210 parts 3000x3000px png in trekbuddy tared format. I'd like to put parts into single folder to use them as single map but now locus use only first segment in directory (I tried converting map so sqlite but i recieved empty file).
What i would like to have:
1. I put segments to directory in /maps
2. Starting locus
3. Locus create index for files in directory (name,covering lat/long,filesize), maybe in sqlite so it can be updated when adding more maps to directory.
4. When selected in private maps, locus load map covering current position
It would be nice if locus can load tiles from 4 different tared maps when looking at edge of fragment.

Now i'm using androzic for dealing with scanned maps, but i'd like to have them in single app.