Map Auto-Zoom variable speeds or multiple speed ranges

Started by satshanti, November 12, 2011, 20:32:15

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Hi there,

This is my first post and let me start by saying how much I enjoy your excellent app. It is my most used app and one of the few I was more than willing to pay for. Keep up the good work! Fabulous!

There is one thing that occurred to me that may not be that hard to program and will be of immense use to me. I think the auto-zoom function of the map is a great idea, but the current setup allows one to only set zoom levels based on fixed speed ranges. This is obviously created with a car or motorcycle in mind, but I mainly use it for biking, that is cycling on a bicycle, which just doesn't go that fast.

I was thinking about it a bit and the most flexible solution, but more difficult to code I guess, would be to make it possible to also set the speed range parameters, which would make it very flexible indeed. I can see how that could be quite complicated though, as the chosen end speed of one range will have influence on the start of the following speed range.

Alternatively, rather than a plain on/off switch for the auto-zoom function, one could make it a drop down menu with 3 options: off, car, bicycle. The first two options would be the same as they exist already, and under bike you could for instance set it up as follows:

0 - 5 km/h
5 - 10 km/h
10 - 15 km/h
15 - 20 km/h
20 - 30 km/h
30 - more

What do you think?