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Started by qki, November 07, 2011, 19:01:09

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Until my last biketour i´ve used oruxmaps. But i missed some features i now have found in locuspro. For example the "orientation filter" wich is a really helpful feature ... the same with the "auto-zoom".
Nice work. But one essential function from oruxmaps is missing: a screen_dim_wake_lock. The screen dims away after the display timout from the system settings. The phone stays awake but only with a dimmed down screen for saving energy. Just a touch at the screen and the map is back and bright. For now i have found a very easy solution to use this feature together with locuspro. Look at the market for the "Wake Lock - Power Manager". It´s for free. Menion, maybe you could integrate this feature in one of your next versions.

Greetings from Germany ... qki


hehe ... added ;)
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NICE !!! thnx