map download fails

Started by merilius, October 30, 2011, 11:38:17

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UPDATE: Please read first the update section below.
I have troubles downloading google, ovi, arcGIS and openstreetmap, but not map+ or UMP-pcPL.

Process unsuccessful
Problem with downloading tiles. Check internet connection and space on SDCard and try again!
I have the following versions: pro 1.13.6 and free 1.5.1 (the last one with map+).  It happens when using either of these versions. (apart from openstreetmap downloaded from Locus 1.13.6: then it says download blocked by map provider or sth like that).
Each time it happens after 1 tile was downloaded
The new sql DB files are created in my storage, and are very small. Of course I have internet connection and lots of space on external and internal cards.

On the other hand map+ (from 1.5.1) and OSM: UMP-pcPL (from 1.13.6) work well.

Is it because of downloads being blocked or something to do with my configuration?

Note: I have reflashed a custom ROM and restored Locus by Titanium Backup. I dont' want to reinstall it from market, because the new versions have limitations. Previously I had Locus dir on both cards: internal and external. Now only the external is left (BTW: all my tracks and personal maps are gone, because I didn't know there is yet another Locus directory on the internal card!). No other problems with Locus or any other program.

I have figured out what has probably happened: I was trying to download 2-3 top zoom levels for the whole world. And I possibly selected a small area outside of the map. If I don't do it then downloading works... Perhaps the error message should be less confusing and/or problem with the `earth boundaries' should be solved.