Compatibility with Titanium Backup (map preservation)

Started by merilius, October 30, 2011, 10:30:20

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I just upgraded my ROM and prior to this I backed up all the programs (including Locus) with Titanium Backup. I thought maps were located on the external SD card. But I was wrong: only vector maps were there. The raster maps must have been on the internal (built-in) SD card.
Titanium Backup didn't back up the maps unfortunately, so I have lost my collection :(
Is there a way to tell backup programs which directories belong to Locus?


eh this is not possible. All data that belongs to Locus except internal program settings (that is stored in sqlite database in internal memory somewhere in system ..) are stored in ONE directory called Locus on your external (SD card) or internal memory. There is no possibility to have separated location for personal maps and vector maps!
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But that's what happened for me:
I first had my tablet without an external SD card, so the maps were obviously stored on the internal SD.
After some months I added a microSD card and never moved any files `by hand'. I bought the vector map add-on and it was downloading maps to the external SD card. I checked it, since I needed to add some larger vector maps manually downloaded from this forum and secondly they are still there.
So for me the only explanation is that the raster maps never left the internal SD, and the newly downloaded personal maps were going there too.
Maybe having two locus versions: old free installed before I had the external card and new pro installed afterwards is the reason?? But the maps downloaded by one version were seen by the other and vice versa.