Access POI not only when stored in favorites

Started by dreamteam, October 26, 2011, 19:36:16

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I have "grouped" my POI in different Categories and not only within Favorites.

But the problem is that if you want to use the function to Navigate from 1 POI to another POI you only could access those POI which are stored with the Favorites and not within other Categories.

I had alos no luch yet to move 1 POI from Category A into another Category - for example into Favorites.

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  'favorites' category is really only for a fast access to some favorites POIs. Best for accessing some other POIs is to display them on map and then when you're choosing destination for navigation, choose "Select on map" and then choose POI. On side you're correct that there is missing some direct access to POI's ... I'll think about it. Till this will be done (maybe), you can use description above
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