some geocaching improvements

Started by mambofive, October 10, 2011, 10:58:03

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Hi menion,

locus (pro) got my main geocaching app in the last months - very good work!

However, I've some ideas how the "workflow" could still get improved when going caching, let's see what you and others think about it:

* When approaching to a waypoint which has guide turned on, switch from map view to compass view when the distance is below a given value (e.g. 50m)
* When logging a field note for a geocache, turn off the guide to it or any of it's waypoints
* When adding a waypoint to a (multi) geocache, turn off the guide to any other waypoint and (optionally) turn on the guide for the new waypoint.

 Elmar / mambofive.


Hi Elmar,
  these all are nice ideas. Anyway they're little bit against my philosophy. Because i don't like if application do too many things instead of user. So there should be cases when you ideas should be welcome, but also opposite. So if more people say theirs opinion, and on some functionality we find same sight, I'll add it.
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Turning off guidance when logging a Field Note sounds good to me, one less thing to do.  I'd still like to be able to also move it to another database automatically, as I like to save waypoints etc associated with found caches.