Create sqlitedb, tar, or GEMF from personal data

Started by CaLocus, October 03, 2011, 02:09:28

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A way to create a personal sqlitedb, tar, or GEMF (// file from personal data.  I use a lot of maps that are generated with multiple layers of proprietary data in desktop GIS  applications like the open source SAGA GIS, or the closed source ESRI ArcView GIS.  I can export these maps from either SAGA or ArcView into various image formats which could then be sliced up and put into a format (sqlitedb, or tar, or GEMF) that Locus could display.

Does anyone know of such a tool?

I used Menion's imageCutter java program  (// to generate a tar file from a png and pnw (world) file, put it in the <../Locus/maps> folder, but LocusPro (version 1.13.3) does not recognize the tar file.  Am I doing something wrong?