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Started by GRGISpro, October 01, 2011, 01:10:48

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I created a WMS service which has vector (ownership with 60% transparency) and raster (aerial photo).

I can connect to the WMS service and see the layers display correctly in Locus Pro.  ESRI ArcGIS server is creates the cache tiles for the WMS service.  

This is only useable with WIFI because of the time download to view.  Therefore I want to put the tiles on the sd card on the hand held device so there is quick drawing in the forest when there is no internet.

I am adding the WMS service to the list in Mobile Atlas Creater to create a sqlitedb and then copy that to the maps folder in Locus Pro.  However the problem is this....... the vector polygon layer is not transparent and I can not see the aerial photo below.

How do I maintain the transparency to the vector polygon ownership layer so I can see the aerial photo underneath the aerial photo using a sqlitedb?

Is this possible with the sqlitedb format or is there another method?    

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you mean that you create SQlite map from WMS in MOBAC and then you copy this map to Locus and want to see some background layer below it? This is not possible. Maps from personal maps tab, cannot be displayed together with some below background layer
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The WMS service has several polygon layers which overlay the aerial within the same wms service.  In your program I see it is possible to choose which of my wms layers to turn on.  I choose ownership layer on top of aerial photo.  Ownership has several public lands owners like county, state  federal.  Which is color coded with transparency set to 70% so I can see the aerial photo below.  This works in your locus pro when connected to the wms service. The service has cached tiles.  I am looking for a method to display the ownership polygon layer with 70% transparency over the aerial photo offline.

The background layer is coming from the same sqlitedb it creates the ownership layer over the aerial photo but the problem is that within the sqlitedb the ownership layer no longer maintains the transparency it had while being displayed from the wms service.

Any way to achieve this offline?

Any way to do this?