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Started by sejtam, September 23, 2011, 23:27:02

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even when driving w/o navigating to a target, there should be an option to show the current speed
(maybe as another option for the top bar)

I also found that the rotation does not really work well when driving. It started out pointing me 'track up' but after
turning a few corners, it lost all idea of which direction it looked and thus showed anywhere but track up.

I played around with the sensor orientation filtering, but that did not really help.

This is on a Dell Streak running StreakDroid 1.8.1 (Froyo) and the latest build from today (Locus Pro 1.13.2

i also want am easy way to stop navigating. I can not find a simple way to achieve that


oh, it must have stopped navigating, but still showed the recorded track. i finally found a way to delete that.


  you have rotation problems? This could be because of not-calibrated compass or you may try "disable compass button" on satellite screen which enable map rotation by bearing from gps
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