track-up in geocaching mode (c:geo)

Started by sejtam, September 20, 2011, 12:11:07

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When called from c:geo, could Locus allow switching between north-up and track-up mode? please?

Also, how can I make it use a downloaded map (eg Osmarender) when called from c:geo?
It seems to use OSM, but to download tiles from the net while I have downloaded teh area before

This is Free 1.13.1 on a Dell Streak running StreakDroid 1.8.1 (Froyo)


Hmm. This may be a c:geo issue. I just found out that it does not seem to use Locus for the 'live map'
(and that it also does not find Locus Pro, whch I just upgraded to) when looking for 'utility programs'.
But showing 'stored' caches on map does use Locus Pro. interesting.