Locus works great at large datasets

Started by Khaytsus, September 14, 2011, 02:07:14

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Today I finally converted my two dozen PQ's that covered about half of my state into PQ's that cover my entire state in 20 PQ's.  If you're curious, here's a good explanation: ... ltiple-PQs

Basically you make a PQ starting from the start of geocaching until whatever date in your area which your PQ is full.  I pick 500 so they'll be emailed to me and I can parse 'em through some Perl to do fun stuff to them, but some folks pick 1000 because it's easier.  Then just keep going.  For my state, Kentucky, this is around 10560 active caches.  I actually exclude my own and found caches from the list.  I figure maybe twice a year I'll go back and fix the PQ's, as caches get expired, I find 'em, etc...  Only real maintenance is the most recent set which will eventually grow to over your limit and you'll have to create a new PQ to cover it.  The good thing is you don't have to run every set every week, I plan on manually ticking off the oldest ones every month or so to pick up on any archives etc but otherwise that data really isn't changing except for logs.

So I loaded it into Locus.  :)  I haven't tried to load the whole dataset into one category but I bet it'd be just fine..  This is 6 zipped PQ's that are loaded in..

Here's the grouped POI view of my state..

And ungrouped..

I didn't benchmark the loading of data, but it was very reasonable....  MAYBE would take 5 minutes to load all 9550 at once.  And about 45s total to make them all visible in the categories.  And actual usage is very fast, even with the name showing up under the cross.  Turning that off and there's no lag at all.  My tablet is a Dell Streak 7 and it has a Tegra 2 CPU..  Not sure if it's using both CPUs or not.  Just thought I'd post this, I thought it was pretty cool how well Locus handles it.

My largest of the PQ's is 4200 (basically the entire state minus some 5 areas I regularly visit I broke off into their own areas using gpsbabel) takes 2:34 to load from start of Import to finish.

FYI if anyone counts, the grouped view adds up to 9250..  Not sure about the discrepancy, but I suspect some individual caches are not shown nor grouped, not sure.