contour lines and gradients

Started by snieda, September 12, 2011, 21:33:12

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hello menion,
thanks for your great app. its design is really professional - and after testing Run.Gps as favorite so far, i switched to using your app as favorite. i made a bike tour through the alps - using your app - writing down some wishes - perhaps they will become true ;-)

A1. contour lines are important for a biker in the mountains. seeing the contour line of the actual route (while routing) - and the actual position on this line. perhaps showing distance of pois with vertical lines. perhaps it would be possible to draw this line on the current map as overlay. moving the hair cross over the contour line may select or highlight the point on the route line shown on the map.

A2. showing the actual ascent (as height gradient between the last two gps points)

B1. perhaps a diagram, showing the gradients

A3. possible loading pois near a given track/route - like the map-download is able to (would be great!)

B2. not really important: coloured tracks/routes (selecting colours through height, gradient, speed or wayprofile)

B3. showing a 3d view as overview

A4. economic mode: show a black screen only drawing the track/route and pois (a 'blank' map is already available...)

Legend: A: would be very nice, B: not really important

On my tour, I had the problem, that (while using economical settings for gps and display and having my galaxy in standbymode) my battery was empty really fast. would it be possible to avoid some calculations in standbymode?

perhaps some of my suggestions sound interesting for you - would be glad to hear from you