Creating nav voices problem

Started by svartbjorn, September 04, 2011, 09:17:52

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I am trying to create nav voices to install in Locus, following posted links like
   viewtopic.php?f=21&t=968 ... e_cmds.htm
I do exactly as described:
    - download zip file from TomTom web
    - extract .vif and .chk files from zip
    - put .vif, .chk, .zip and viftool.1.3.exe in same directory
    - in DOS window I cd to this directory and type (example KenLOUD 06)
               viftool.1.3.exe join 06 KenLoud data06.vif
Then I get error message
     Gathering sound files ....
     entry #0 "After.ogg" (After) is missing
I have tried with 4 different  voices with same error message.
What am I doing wrong?


Noone who can help me?


Hi svartbjörn!
I had no problem with creating the "Yoda" guiding voices?
There might be an error in your command; I used
C:dBladeVIFtool>viftool split 82_yodadata82.chk
But Menion had a collection of voices in one post, you might try them.